1960’s “Norma” MIJ (Made In Japan) in Gold Sparkle (12/13/16/20)


Someone who is much more familiar with vintage drums than I am gave this kit to me. It was in such bad shape he had not attempted to repair it himself, so who was I to think that I could do it?!

26175178_394388854330527_1299696664_nThe bass drum had serious issues; a 16″ section of the resonant reinforcement ring had been chopped out (why, I have no idea), one of the spurs had ripped through the shell, and both spurs had been relocated. The 3-ply shells had some layer separation, and the hoops were now egg-shaped (I assume from sitting on a weakened bass drum with the weight of 2 toms mounted on it).

For this project I taught myself how to steam-bend wood in order to repair the re-ring. It worked!

I also moved the spurs back to their original location after epoxying a patch panel into the damaged/enlarged hole and doweling the extra holes. I then used a single layer from a donor shell to patch the missing strips inside this shell. It’s not 100 percent done yet, but I’d say it is coming along well. I have test assembled and tuned this rehabbed bass and it sounds nice!


When the bass is completely finished, the toms will get a good cleaning and polish, maybe a touch up of the bearing edges, and “stick saver” hoops all around.




Even though most of us would call this is orange, the catalogs back in the day referred to it as “Gold Sparkle”. Regardless, I just love this finish!