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Like many drummers, I started out banging on pots and pans, pillows, canisters… whatever I could find. I got my first real drums when I turned 16 (a brand-new set of wine red TAMA Rockstars) and I still have them today!


Since those early days, I have played all kinds of drums in a variety of organized and not-so-organized bands. I have even had the privilege of recording in a recording studio.

As of this writing, I own 10 drum sets… But I don’t intend to keep them all. Four of them are projects which I hope to rehab and release back out into the wild. I enjoy taking in the broken and neglected and helping them to sing once again!

Over the years I have donated many drum sets (complete with cymbals, hardware, etc.) to local non-profits including schools, kids rock camp, and churches. It can be difficult for many in our community to assemble a working, playable kit so I do my best to make drumming a little more accessible for everyone.

By the way, the kit I am playing in this photo is the first vintage MIJ restoration that I completed back in 2014! It looks and sounds great, and it generates lots of interest (from drummers and non-drummers) whenever I play it out! The original WMP (White Marine Pearl) wrap has aged to a soft yellow, but these beauties still have plenty of life left in them.


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